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Why are foodstuff sellers in Edo State selling items with this defective bag

Just as you all know,Nigeria is a country,where any current happening around the globe,be it political,economic,religion, financial and even disease outbreak like the present Covid-19 must always be exploited.This is to rip the innocent citizens of their hard earned income.A typical example of this trend or scenario which am about to illustrates in this article today,is the case with the common polythene bag popularly know by local as (Nylon or Xylophine bag) in Nigeria.

As we all know this small packaging bag comes in different colours and sizes.And it's immediately provided by whose so ever you are buying an items(commodities)from in our local market to package your goods.It is a form of a little "after sales services" to the buyer.

Now,the challenge is that,even after you have bought an items from the local seller in the marker these days.They all seems to find it difficult to give you the usual (handy two hollow handle)packaging bag like they use to do before,except this handless packaging bag,which is very difficult to handle with things inside.

Picture of a handless Polythene bag

And even when you insist for an additional hand held bag,you will be told that it is very costly now,that one is N10.00 naira,except you want to buy it.

Picture of a hand held Polythene bag.

Of course;you won't be comfortable having to buy bag or change a higher denomination notes with you,just for something so insignificant you truly deserves.

Picture of a handless Polythene bag with items inside.

So in most cases,you have to make do with it.And stress your self home with the horrible stress of handling a handless bag with your goods inside.

Worst of it all,is that majority of the seller in the market,are not ready to double the bag for you,even when you request so.

This is a very bad reputation for us as people,as we regularly create unreasonable economic links between dollar and locally source product without export permit in the market,just to hike their prices.

We all as people must put a stop to this negative exploitative trends in our market.

Let us stop,taking advantages of international events to hunt ourselves.

Hope this is enlighten and serves as a learning point for all?

Thanks and like i always advise,Stop exploitation of human race,to the detriment of their survivals".

Thanks for reading,and please do comments,up vote,share and follow just as well.

Stay safe people.


Content created and supplied by: ABUUFAREEDOLA (via Opera News )

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