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The Owner of a School, Allegedly Turns School into Poultry!

Are you surprised, to read that the owner of a school has allegedly turned a school, into a poultry? Some months, ago, some persons would not have even conceived such a thought. But as it is, should it be really surprising? Times are currently hard and so I would not blame anyone, who does so?

Covid 19, has brought untold hardship to many. So many persons, are in one way or the other affected. Some have lost their jobs, no longer having source of income, others salaries have been slashed.

When the pandemic started, many thought that it would end in a couple of days, weeks or even months. But as it is, days have become weeks and weeks, have become months. Yet, we are still battling with covid 19, and its negative impacts in the life of humans.

Amongst the set of people greatly affected by the pandemic, are teachers. The toll of the pandemic, on teachers is no longer funny. When Nigerian schools went on a break by March, many thought, schools would resume in a matter of time. Sad to say, schools are yet to resume. School heads and teachers who do not have other source of income, are not finding it funny.

Some persons in the educational sectors, have had to resort to other sources of livelihood. Some now do petty trading, some online businesses and so on. A school head in Borno state has been allegedly mentioned, to have turned a school into a poultry.

Who would have imagined such, few months ago? Would you actually blame the school head?

As a school head, a teacher, or someone affiliated to a school, do tell us how you have been coping?

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