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Covid-19: See The Worst Hit Businesses And The Most Benefiting Ones

It's no longer news that the Covid-19 global pandemic has an impact on all businesses and individuals all over the world, the level of impact, however, different from one business to another, some businesses are partially affected, some are totally affected, while some are the beneficiaries of the global pandemic, that is, they are not affected at all.

The Worst Hit Businesses

1. Aviation

Aviation businesses have been seriously affected by this pandemic, as travels have been halted by countries all over the world, many countries shut their air space to forestall the spread of the deadly virus. Nobody wants to travel to another country because of fear of contracting the virus. Both local and international flights were suspended.

Those who are working in the aviation industry can explain better, what they have lost during the lockdown.

2. School

Covid-19 has adversely affected the school business, the proprietors and the proprietresses are counting their losses, just as the teachers that teach in the private schools have become jobless. Since all schools have been shut down about 4 months ago, no salary for the teachers in private schools again, hence, they suddenly become jobless.

Several people have advocated for the provision of palliative for the proprietors of private schools and their staff to cushion the negative effect of the pandemic on their business, yet, no one has responded to the calls. Rumors were circulated that they would be given a grant by the Federal Government, unfortunately, they are helpless.

3. Transportation

Another most hit sector is the transportation sector, just like aviation, traveling has been seriously impaired, interstate lockdown that prevented people from traveling from one state to another was just lifted, as many transportation companies are now counting their losses during the lockdown.

4. Tourism

Covid-19 has paralyzed the tourism sector, as no one is willing to visit any tourism center for the fear of contracting the virus. throughout the whole world, tourists are staying at home in compliance with the social distancing measure to curtail the effect of the virus from further spread.

5. Hospitality

Since there are no travelers all over the world, no one will lodge in hotels, especially, the tourists who have been shut at home, people in the hospitality industry are lamenting the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their businesses as well.

The events centres that usually agog for every weekend celebration, have now been paralysed, since the social distancing order forbid large gathering of people. No wedding reception, birthday party and so on. It has really been a serious case for the hoteliers

6. Entertainment

Since the majority of entertainment programs involve a large gathering of people, it has also been affected seriously. No light club, no cinema, no concert or show, all DJs, MCs have been rendered jobless. people who make a living through the above have been seriously affected and still counting their losses as the pandemic has not yet allowed full recovery of their businesses.

7. Religious Centers

The most hit aspect of human endeavor by the COVID is Religion, both Christianity and Islam are affected by the social distancing order which prevented the coming together of their members to Worship.

This, however, has a great impact on those who see religion as a means of survival, those who are businessmen and women in the disguise of the servant of God. No crusade again, no mountain prayers, no special anointing service, no naming ceremony, where most Islamic clerics do make big money, no Asalatu, no Nasfat, etc.

Some clerics who also rely on the payment of tithes by their church members were also seriously hit, as tithes no longer come in due to the closedown of the worship centres.

8. Sports

Sporting activities have been seriously hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities were suspended to prevent the further spread of the Virus, the Olympic game (Tokyo 2020) that was supposed to hold in Japan between 24 July and 9 August 2020 was postponed till 2021, the leagues of various FAs across the world were suspended, while different athletic races were put on hold.

Some of the leagues that have resumed are been played without spectators, this has a big effect on the revenue generation for the organizers. The majority of the footballers agreed for the slash of their wages in order to save the system from collapse.

Many countries of the world have not yet resumed sporting activities, those who are making a living from this industry will never forget Covid-19.

Benefiting Businesses

1. Telecommunications

The communication industry has been one of the sectors that have benefited and still benefitting from the impact of this Covid-19 on the human race. The stay at home and social distancing measures put in place to curtail the spread of the virus, enhance alternative means of communication which make communication businesses to thrive.

People now need to make video calls instead of physical contact, zoom meetings, instead of physical meetings, video conferencing, the majority of transactions are now carried out online which boosts the communication industry. Facebook, Whatsapp, Zoom, and other social media channels have made serious benefits from the virus.

2. Food industry

The prices of Foodstuff have been on the increase due to the effect of this pandemic, no matter how people must eat, those who are into the foodstuff and related items have made it during the lockdown, as people were forced to buy within their neighborhood since there was no vehicular movement to the market.

3. Pharmaceutical industry

Other big beneficiaries of this pandemic are the Pharmaceutical Companies, who are the producers of majority of the item being used to prevent the spread of the virus, such as Sanitizers, latex gloves, face shield, liquid soup, and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The companies that produce ventilators, Ambulance, infrared Thermometer, alcohol, and other medical appliances to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic have really made a lot of money from it.

Some economic experts have said, a certain group of businesses will not survive the pandemic, while millions of jobs will be lost, what is your take on this?

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