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School Closure: Ugly Experiences Of Private Schools Teachers (Interviews)

The closure of both public and private schools, to contain the spread of COVID-19 has inflicted untold hardship on most of the private school teachers. Though, the operators of the private schools suffered some loses due to the pandemic, the teachers are more at the receiving end. Most of this operators have refused to pay salaries, due to non payment of school fees by parents of the pupils. In fact, it has been reliably gathered that, some teachers have started organising private home teaching for some children, to make some ends meat. Some teachers were interviewed on how they have been coping.


Mr James '39 

"As a family man, I have not been finding it easy at all. For over two months now, I have not received salary. The school told all teaching staff to sort themselves out.

Mr Jonathan '26

"What I do now is, private teaching to get some little amount. Although, the school management pays us money at the end of the month. The amount is just a stipend. More so, the stipend is just a stipend. More so, the stipend is dependent on the number of parents, who paid for online teaching. It is not easy at all, but to God be the glory".

Mrs Olamide '35

I think I have to quit teaching profession. I have got to know that, nothing you get as a teacher, in private school, apart from salaries. This COVID-19 has really exposed the private schools operators."

Miss Marian '29

Honestly, I pity the private school operators, most especially those, who pay rent on the properties they use. The whole third term is gone already."

Mrs Roseline '51

The best advice for any private is to start organising private coaching class. From the look of things, there is likely no resumption in this third term. So, any wise teacher will start organising a coaching class for a limited number of children till early September, when schools are likely to resume. With the coaching class, they can make some income for themselves.

Minister for Education

Mrs Nnenna '40

The COVID-19 has really affected private schools teachers. My school management has put it straight to us that, no salary until schools resume. I'm just trying to make ends meat with some little business I do, apart from teaching. Things are not working for us."

What do you think could be the solution to the private school teachers?

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