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See how these "Chinese" men are eating raw fish. Nigerians drop funny comments.

Many Nigerians have been reacting to a video of some Chinese men who recorded themselves as they all eat raw fish, fresh from the pond. The video was released on Facebook and it immediately drew criticisms from a lot of people including Nigerians.

In the video, a group of Asian men could be seen all sitted on a mat with lots of raw fish on a tray set in their middle. They all took turns eating the fish, with some eating two at a go, as they record themselves.

Apart from eating the raw fishes, they also ate other sea foods, all in their raw forms. Many Nigerians dropped a lot of funny comments, with some saying no wonder they always come up with different kinds of diseases that eventually lands the whole world in trouble.

It can be recalled that the Coronavirus also know as COVID-19 started circulating from Wuhan in China. Not long after that, another virus known as Hanta virus was discovered in China. All of them were as a result of eating raw foods.

See some funny comments below

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