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Some of The Grammatical Errors We Make in English Without Knowing

-I like the way you

-Catwalk is not a verb, but a noun. It's the long stage that models walk on during a fashion show. The Americans call it RUNWAY. 

Let's find the correct word for what people mean to say when they use 'catwalk' as a verb. Oya, let the search begin.  

-I want to HAVE A BATH now. (British English) yes

I want to TAKE A BATH now. (American English) yes

I want to have/take MY BATH now. No

BBN fans, am I communicating

Back to the single and double L matter in British English (BE) and American English (AE).

The letter 'L' in the following words is double in BE, and single in AE:

-Callisthenics -BE

Calisthenics -AE

-Cancellation -BE

Cancelation - AE

-Councillor /counsellor -BE

Councilor/counselor - AE

-Dialling tone -BE

Dialing tone - AE

-Jewellery - BE

Jewelry - AE

-Marvellous -BE

Marvelous - AE

-Panellist - BE

Panelist - AE

-Traveller - BE

Traveler - AE, etc.  

One thing I'd like you to observe closely is that the British do not know how to 'maintain their own lane', so to say! Not funny, though. 

They switch from their single L to double L in the past tense, past participle and 'ing' forms of all those single L verbs of theirs; whereas, the Americans maintain their double or single L all round. 

The one that surprises, or should I say, annoys me is the pronunciation of 'jewellery' which follows precisely the American spelling - 'jewelry.' Ah! 

Did you know that even words that are spelt with 'oe' and 'ae' in BE are pronounced following the American spellings? I'm talking about words like 

-'foetus' BE, 'fetus' AE.

- 'anaemia - BE, anemia - AE

-amoeba' - BE, ameba - AE

-oestrogen - BE, estrogen - AE

-faeces -BE, feces - AE, etc. 

All these words are pronounced following the American spellings. 

Again, to think that we prefer saying 

- I have 'gotten' - AE, to: I have 'got' - BE; 

-Driver's License - AE, to: Driving Licence - BE, etc., is all an indication that AE is steadily gaining more grounds than the BE. 

Have I made myself understood at all? 


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