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See Children's Funny Conversation With Their Father During Lockdown

Mr Festus is the head of the family. He was a farmer. He had five children with his wife making them seven in number. They were all back home from school due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Every morning and night, he usually give usually give one of his children #500 and him/her what to buy for breakfast and at night.

One day, his last born child, Tiwalola asked her dad.

"Dad, why do you always dictate what we eat every morning and night?" She asked. Dad could not reply her, he had looked away, pretending not to hear her. He was thinking, "... this girl has come with his question again."

"Dad, I'm talking to you." She said

"En-en, daughter mi, what did you want?" Daddy asked and she repeated the question.

"Why did you asked?" Her dad asked

"I wondered about it every morning food and night food, you dictate it. You never even allow mummy to dictate for once. And even at times, when we your children don't feel like eating what you dictate to us to cook, you still enforce us to cook it, saying that is what you feel like eating." Tiwa said.


"Yes dad, in fact there was a day you requested us to cook Akara, beans cake, and we said no, that we don't like Akara, and we will cook moi moi. I out still insisted for Akara." Tiwa added.

"Dad, it's true. Mummy should be the one dictating what to eat because mother belongs to the kitchen." Bolu interfere.

"You these children, you really mean me today ooo!" Dad said and laughed.

"No, daddy, we just want to know why." Debby, third child said.

"Okay... I will tell you. The reason is that I am the head of the family and it is what I want that you must want too." Daddy said

Haaaa.... Daddy, is that the reason?" Children echo and laughed as if it was planned.

"Yes" daddy replied.

"Okay! But mum is the head of the kitchen department in this family, and anything she cooked, you must eat." Lol... Debby said. Everybody burst out laughing including daddy himself.

"You these children will not kill someone in this house. I pray the lockdown should go quickly so that everyone can go back to school." Mummy said.

"Okay! Wait... To this case on ground, who will be the lawyer to judge?" Samuel, the first born child said.

"I will be the lawyer." Shade, the second born child said.

Then, everybody echo together, "lawyer shade, let's hear your judgement." Truly, she was studying law at UNILAG.

"Okay! According to section..." Samuel interrupted her. "This small matter that me, who is not a lawyer will just pass judgement one time, you are calling section. Section ko, type ni. Do you think you are in your bar or court?" They all burst out laughing as some people's eyes was already bringing out water. Funny family.

"Okay! This is my judgement. Daddy - let mummy be the one dictating our food from today and daddy should give mummy money to buy food stuff at home instead of going to the shops." She said.

"COURT......" Mummy said and the children responded, "ARISE"

Case closed. LOLZZZZZZ.........

Content created and supplied by: GokePet (via Opera News )

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