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All Nigerians Should Be Paid 30,OOO Naira, All Markets, Public Gatherings Should Be Closed(Opinion)

It is obvious to all that the country is presently in a very volatile state with the current Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the nation and even the world at large.

However, Nigerians have been facing the various challenges that comes with a pandemic like this for a while now and it has created a very difficult economic environment for the people.

While the virus itself is not a death sentence, the most alarming fact about it is the rapid way with which it spreads with minimal contact. The number of confirmed cases in Nigeria has been on a steady rise since its onset in the country.

With over 30,000 confirmed cases and over 700 deaths from this disease, the federal government seems to have to put various precautionary measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

These precautionary measures where in line with the world health organization guidelines and they were mainly centered towards creating social distancing and maintaining good hygiene.

All social gathering was strictly limited and this included churches, mosques, parties, schools, markets. Companies and businesses were asked to go on full/partial lockdown depending on the state, and only essentials workers such as health workers were allowed movement.

Curfews were created to limit the movement of people in the country, mandatory wearing of face mask in public gathering and frequent proper hand washing with soap and water was implemented.

The severity of the virus and detailed information about its control was fully passed on to the public by various media houses and news outlet. Funds and relief materials were provided all in the fight against this pandemic.

However, as more citizens of the nation were screened for the virus and more steps were taken towards preventing the spread of the virus, the government began to relax it strict rules on movement and socialization.

It began with gradually lifting the lockdown in certain businesses to ease the economic hardship created by the pandemic. Then the ban interstate movement was lifted and this saw a great influx of people in various states.

It also allowed various citizens that were stuck in a particular strange state due to the ban, to go back home to their family and friends.

Thereafter, there was the relaxation of the ban on social gathering especially in various places of worship. While most persons have already successfully utilized the flexible online system to carry out various services and meetings, this relaxation was seen as a good progress into going back to normal life.

Churches and mosques were opened with restrictions to the number of persons per service and compliance to various precautionary measures such as hand washing and wearing of face mask.

Then, the ever crowd filled markets of Nigeria were finally deemed safe and was officially declared opened by the federal government.

Market sellers were asked to vacate the various schools they were previously occupying and to go back to their various market stalls.

However, schools have not yet reopened, although there was previous plans of opening schools for final years pupils and students to write their exams, but the decision have not been concluded yet. But if they can open markets, surely they can open schools too.

Now, while lifting of these bans and relaxation of lockdown rules is good and should happen soon, health wise, it is not so beneficial to Nigerians as it could increase the spread of the virus.

Now is not the time to open markets and public gathering. All markets and public gatherings should be closed till further notice.

However, it is true that the lockdown has not been easy for Nigerians as a lot of people have passed through very difficult times during this pandemic.

The government should then provide a minimum allowance of 30,000 naira to all Nigerians with BVN number, straight to their bank accounts, to prevent any irregularity or double payments.

Imagine a family of 5 and everybody has an account with a BVN number, that is already an income of 150,000 naira for that particular family and it will go a long way to reduce the hardship of the people and enable them wait patiently ,while the government ensures that markets and other public gatherings are truly safe for the people.

This will ensure the safety of the people and also look after their welfare and basic needs as a society.

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