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'Celebrities That contracted Corona virus but survived'.


The Hollywood actor Hanks, alongside his wife Rita Wilson after a trip to Australia contracted the virus and immediately broke the news out to their fans emphasizing the need to stay home and safe and the symptoms he and his wife had. About 2 weeks later he posted he and his wife were feeling better.#OLGA KURYLENKO

The James Bond actress posted on her Twitter account that she had contracted the virus on 15th March and further explained that though there was no cure she had been taking supplements like panthothenic which helped improve her body immunity. With time she felt better and recovered.


The talented actor contracted the virus at Saboria on March 25 from a friend who was tested 6 days earlier and after about a week and a half he has fully recovered and is feeling better.#CHRISTOPHER KHIVJU

The game of thrones actor Khivju, reportedly contracted the virus on 16th March but recovered in 2 weeks.#KEVIN DURANT

The NBA super star contracted the virus on 17th March from teammate, Rudy Gobert who unknowingly transferred the virus to almost all the teammates but Durant recovered in about a week and a half.#RUDY GOBERT

The NBA basketballer transferred the virus to almost all of his teammates by accident as he wasn't aware he had contracted it. When he realized what happened he immediately apologized to his teammates he transferred the virus to.#ARIELLE CHARNAS

This influencial personnel contracted the virus and immediately shared it on her Instagram page and said it was the worst virus she had had after mono. She is fully recovered.#DANIEL DAE KIM

The 'Lost in Huawei' father actor Dae kim, has also contracted the virus on 19th March and he immediately isolated himself in Huawei. About 3 weeks later he assured his fans that had fully recovered.#COLTON UNDERWOOD

The bachelor star colton, who was tested positive for the virus immediately opened up to his fans that he was doing well about 8 days after he was tested. He also stated the symptoms he had and further discussed how hard it was to climb the stairs without losing his breath and how difficult it was to go to the bathroom without being tired.# PINK

The actress ,shared that she contracted the virus about 2 to 3 weeks when she and her 3 years old son showed symptoms. When she and her son recovered she realized that not everyone was as lucky as she was thus, donated one million dollars to the hospital that treated she and her son (in honour of her mother who works at the hospital).

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