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Unending Lockdown of Schools: A national dilemma.

Covid-19 presidential taskforce advised men and women above 55 years to avoid public meetings. Most of the professors in higher institutions of learning are above this age. If this advice is to be followed, what would be the fate of our students in higher institutions if their lecturers avoid classes?

The world almost came to a halt because of Covid-19 pandemic. Every country was compelled to follow WHO guidelines on prevention of Covid-19 spread.

It is disappointing that African leaders are swallowing hook, line, and sinker everything that the White men offered. Is it not time African leaders developed a home grown solutions to their problems, knowing the peculiar nature of their economy?

The developed countries have sound social security system. We don't have. They have sound infrastructural facilities that can sustain on-line learning and teaching. We don't have. Despite the unending lockdown of schools, NCDC is still busy dishing out scary figures daily.

Is it not time the Minister of Education and the Minister of Health worked out safety protocols for reopening of schools? Can they work in harmony?

The developed world are busy engaging their students on web based teaching and learning. We are here closing schools. Why are we deceiving ourselves?

Enough of this lockdown of Schools! Modalities and safety protocols should be developed by these two ministers for schools to reopen. The time is now!

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