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Technically, The End Time Began Immediately After The Death Of Jesus: Jesus As The Sign Of The End

Technically, The End Time Began Immediately After The Death Of Jesus.

The death of Jesus wasn't just to save the world, it was also to end the old world. To bring an end to the old whilst ushering in a new beginning. However, in between those lines of verses that claim "old things are passed away," we often miss the time timeline for the new world. Although things changed when Jesus died as many were saved and tremendous power was released into our world, the very meaning of ushering in a new world isn't as we think it is.

The concept of ushering in a new world refers to the concept in the book of Revelation when John saw in his vision that a new Jerusalem came down to earth. So technically, the death of Jesus wasn't exactly about just ushering a new world on earth, it was about bringing heaven to earth.

However, as we know, for heaven to come down to earth, according to the process in the book of Revelation, the earth must have been cleansed. So to cleanse the earth, it must actually mean that the old things are passed away and the earth is ready to become new. Old things in this context mean the devil and his angels and of course, those who obey him rather than follow God.

In short, the new Jerusalem can only come when the old world is gone and the old world can only truly be gone when the world has been judged and the Saints are left on earth(the new earth). This period when all shall be judged is the period we call the "end time." From this, we can deduce that immediately Jesus died, the countdown to the end began.

From the period Jesus died, every event that he already told us will begin to occur as a sign of the end time, began to occur and since then multiplied. People often believe that the end time is one particular time, still in the future when thousands will die on the streets, they often think of a particular date but it's not so as the end time is a period marked by several occurrences.

When you think about the end time, it is wrong to picture it as a "day" or a "year." The end time could be a period of ten years, fifty years, or even hundreds and thousands of years. So now that we understand that the end time is a period over time and not a particular day or year, it is safe to come to the conclusion that since the death of Jesus, the end time had begun. The death of the messiah signaled the end time or say the alarm clock for the end was set when Jesus died and rose up the third day.

To properly dissect this study, perhaps a look into some of the things Jesus said about the end time should be in order. But just before that, we must understand that some of the signs Jesus gave us as the sign of the end-time began to happen after his death. In fact, almost immediately after his death. So to further verify this, we will be looking into his statements.

Matthew 13:49.

So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just

The verse above is actually talking about the day of judgment when the angels will take the Saints away from the sinners. Although this is debatable as this could also be talking about the day of Rapture when the saints will go up into heaven leaving the sinners on earth. However, this day is not the day of judgment, not particularly, as it can still be classified as between the period of the end times and not the day of judgment.

Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21

Jesus said when we see these signs – This generation shall not pass away. So the generation alive when these signs appear will not grow old and die before the end of the world...

Earthquakes – doubled in the last 30 years - quadrupled in the last 100 years

Famines – Starving people all over the world – South America, Africa, Asia, India

Pestilences – Aids epidemic, Flu's (SARS, H1N1, CoronaVirus (COVID-19), bird flu, swine flu, etc.), Resurgence of old plagues – The Plague, Mumps, Measles, Scarlet Fever, and diseases like Tuberculosis, Cancer, Brain diseases, etc.

Great signs from heaven, sun moon stars – Alignment that happened in Sept 2017 happens only once every 7000 years, and Studies show there has been much increase in Solar Activity in recent decades.

Sea and waves roaring - tsunamis have killed hundreds of thousands recently...

Wars and rumors of wars - Wars in Africa, Middle East, India, Asia, Russia - WW3 looming on the horizon...

False Christs – More than 30 people we know of in the last 200 years claim to be Jesus Christ (many alive today with large followings)

False prophets - False prophets and false teachers are everywhere in the "church" today

Love waxes cold - Hard-hearted people, especially in the millennial generation. Have you noticed how so many have no compassion? How it's all about me, me, me? Even mothers and fathers to their children!

Brother against brother, children against parents, etc., hated for Jesus' name - Islam and contentions about religion are causing this to happen all over the world today and will get much, much worse when the Antichrist takes over the world

All the signs above are happening right now but to be honest, they have also been happening for a long time. After the death of Jesus, if we trace history there have been several wars and records of pestilence and outbreak of diseases. This confirms the theory that the end times, or perhaps I should say- the countdown to the end, began when Jesus died.

So the end times is not a particular date, it is a period of time marked by certain events. However, the day of judgment is quite different from the end times. The day of judgment is the day when the world will be judged, the day of the rapture is the day when the saints will ascend into heaven but that period of the end times began with the death of Jesus.

I am V.T. Ahonsi.

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