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Covid 19 and it's impact

The confirmations office mask is that it prevent you from corona just by 47.8% if there is no social distancing If there is social distancing it protects you by 67% only not 100% But seriously, let’s be honest to ourselves the governments do not care about citizens. In Britain, the did a total lockdown for 2 months and they could reduce drastically the amount of new cases. In Italy the lockdown was like 3 months or so and they could conquer it

The only way we can preserve our own lives is by staying at home Just because of the stupidity and negligence of our leaders here the no of new cases is booming daily Right now it’s everyone for his/her self Mask, sanitizing and stuff will only do a little

Nigeria is a developing country, with no Good health care, bad roads, instability of electricity, corrupt leaders and mss as my more...... they know that there is only a little they can do Tory Lanez a musician said THEY ARE RE-OPENING THE COUNTY NOT BECAUSE IT IS SAFE BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE LOOSING

This is the fact Us from 13-29 are said that their hormones can fight the virus but we should consider our parents that we’ll home to meet after school. Many teens are working around with the virus but because we still have strong hormones it won’t reflect I know you are in support for reopening of schools but we should consider asthmatic patients, and some others who have breathing difficulties.

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