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Amidst COVID-19: A Doctor and a Teacher, who is now more important?

Amidst COVID-19: A Doctor and a Teacher, who is now more important?

Most times we write to inform, educate and to motivate, but all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

In the midst of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and so many other negativities happening in the world which came as a result of Coronavirus et lockdown such as an increase in Rape Cases, Insensitive killings amongst human beings, family violence of all kinds, suicide etc.

But aside every odd happening in the entire world, there are so many other things we should look out for, in other to make the world more interesting as usual.

Coronavirus has caused so many industries, companies/ firms to closed down by the federal government in every affected country in the world to contain the continued increase of spread of coronavirus.

But since shutting down the industries and company couldn't stop or lessen the spread of the pandemic base on the records we're giving every day by NCDC in Nigeria and other medical organizations in other parts of the world. Some countries federal government have decided to ease Lockdown and open most of the industries to start working with some guide rules, but unfortunately, there is only one firm that's still under debate to open or not, which is School...

And it reminds me of a debate, where Teachers and Doctors are being compared and debated in my school time in secondary and primary school then.

Now, With schools closed and hospitals opened, can we now conclude our Junior High School debate...?

A Doctor and a Teacher, who is more important?

However, I'll say that teacher is more important, that is why the President said they should stay at home and be safe. The doctors can get infected and die, lol, while Teachers will train new doctors.

With this few points of mine, I believe I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that teachers, I repeat teachers are the best and most important people in our society. 

Thank you.

Dedicated to all the teachers in the house...


You can use the comment section to either oppose the motion or propose... Shares to your friends to know their views as well at this point of Coronavirus.

P. S: This is time to practicalize our debate

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