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Good news as two covid 19 vaccines provide positive results after trials on human

In separate trials around the world, two potential corona virus vaccines have shown positive results. A trial which saw 1,000 adult participants in England, it was found out that the vaccine had given rise to immune responses and strong anti-bodies. 

Another trial carried out in China, which had over 500 participants, showed that participants developed a positive response against the disease. With both possible vaccines proving safe for human use and trials showing that participants in both trials had developed strong immune reactions.

However,according to Forbes, the time when mass production of the vaccines will begin is unknown, none the less, this bodes well for the global fight against the deadly Coronavirus. The World Health Organization, also made it known that over 21 vaccines are undergoing trials worldwide. 

Under the aegis of COVID-19 Research Group, Nigerian universities Scientists, made it known that a vaccine is being developed locally to cure the disease. Its been developed for Africans but would also work for other continents around the world when unveiled. 

Dr Oladipupo Kolawhad, the leader of the team made it known that it would take a minimum of 18 months to be unveiled due to lots of analysis and studies, as well as medical authorities approvals are still required.

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