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School Closure: A calamity to Nigeria's Future.

Schools across the Nation has been closed down for some months back due to the spread of COVID -19.

Government has been doing all it takes to reduce the spread of the virus across the Nation and measures has been by the Nigeria center for disease control which includes:

- compulsory use of face mask

- no hand shaking or hugging

- social distancing

- cover your mouth with tissue paper when coughing or sneezing and dispose immediately

Religious centers were also shut down while some states has ease the ban on the religious centers.

Markets were not shutdown because of the edible goods or perishable goods.

Election will commence in few state, no plan to stop the election despite the fact that their is pandemic.

The question is if we can managed opening of market places, election, why can't we manage school as well?

It is clearly stated by medical personnel that "students are the least to spread the virus due to their age range and hence strong immunity". If crowded places like markets can be opened then why will school still be closed?

We should not forget that leaders of tomorrow are those in school presently. If they (students) miss the line now what will be the future of our dear Nation?

There are many dangers attached to school closure, some of which are;

1. Many students now engaged in illegal activities because they have time to be trained.

2. Female students were being raped while some even result to death.

3. Many hostel has been burgled living many students stranded.

Open our school safe Nigeria's female students, safe Nigeria's future.

We are the leaders of tomorrow when you are gone!!!

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