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Can You Sleep Alone In The Cemetery At Midnight For $50M? See People's Funny Replies On Twitter.

A cemetery is a silent and sacred place where the dead are stored. All dead bodies are being buried in the cemetery. The cemetery is also kept sacred by some traditionalist become some of them thinks that the dead usually assemble In the nights to discuss the past. This may be the sole reason why ordinary people are not allowed to work on the burial ground.

A Twitter User had caused reactions on twitter by asking this question.

You are Offered 50 Million Dollars To Sleep In The Cemetery Alone At Midnight. Will you do it?

These questions have sent shivers to many other twitter users who saw the post. Some people were saying that they can not sleep no matter a huge amount of money while some people boast that they are capable of sleeping in the cemetery for the huge bucks.

See some replies from people who saw the question on twitter.

My beloved readers, What are your thoughts concerning this question on Twitter?

Can you risk your life to sleep in the cemetery for the 50 Million dollars?

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