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COVID-19: Nigeria Police at More Risks Even as 7021 South Africa Police Tested Positive(OPINION)

Coronavirus has proved itself to be indiscriminating in its infection rate. It was so sad and disheartening to hear that more than 7000 South African police officers have been tested positive to COVID-19. The virus did not care about the fact that these men have been risking their lives to protect us; from the criminals at least, but decided to attack them as well. This explains why everyone must be wary of it. 

Fighting an enemy which can be seen with the physical eyes is less challenging than fighting the unseen enemies. Coronavirus has rendered the military weaponry useless. Assault rifles, Machine guns, Semi-Automatic Long Range Sniper have failed us in the fight against the virus. As a matter of fact, these weapons can become modes of transmission of COVID-19, because WHO warned that the virus can survive on metal surfaces for several hours to 5 days. This long lifespan of the virus has been a tool for its high contagiousness and rapid spread. 

The police all over the world became a soft target for COVID-19 due to the nature of their job that does not allow them to stay indoor. Even when virtually all the nations of the world were on lockdown, police officers could not do so. They were busy manning the streets of their countries and ensuring that all citizens abided with the Government's imposed restrictions of movements. 

They, and the health workers are at high risks of contracting the virus. However, this has never deterred them from risking their lives so as to save others from the claws of this deadly virus.

The infection of the 7021 South African Police officers with the virus is a wake up call to Nigerian Police. Now that this is happening in African soil is a pointer to the realness of the virus. If this case was reported in US, for instance, many would have said "at least it happened in a faraway country, without realising that a pandemic anywhere is a pandemic everywhere.

My fear for Nigeria Police force is the nonchalant and unperturbed attitude of some of their officers. It is shameful and worrisome they still collect bribes from the motorists on the road even in the wake of the virus.

Let us take for instance, one of the passengers in a bus has COVID-19. He takes out money from his wallet and gives it to the driver. The driver gets to a roadblock set up by the police, pulls over and gives this coronavirus contaminated money to one of the officers on duty. This officer collects the money and adds it to others in their moneybag, thereby infecting the other notes. At evening, the officers gather to have their share of the proceeds from the extortion. Each one of them collects his own share with joy, not knowing they also shared the microscopic beings among themselves. Suffice to say that part of this money will be taken to their station and be shared with the boss and other sergeants. 

This instance may play out if our policemen refuse to mend their ways and choose not to discharge their duty as responsible and patriotic officers.

What is your view on this? Kindly share your opinion.

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