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What Is The Situation of Unvaccinated Children In Nigeria?

A pandemic that broke out in February this year and affected livelihoods, including the health sector.

In the four months since the outbreak, authorities in Nigeria have taken steps that include shutting down and blocking traffic between the country's territories.

It is in this context that thousands of babies are born, many of whom have not received adequate care.

Most infants are not vaccinated, a level that puts their lives at risk for infections that affect young children such as malaria and measles.

"The Primary Health Care Authority has not given up since the covid 19 outbreak in Nigeria on February 27 this year."

they said they knew the number of people attending hospitals would be significantly reduced because of the closure measures the government would take in an effort to curb the spread of the disease.

"The chairman of the agency, Dr. Faisal Shu'aib, has set up an emergency committee and a center to provide first aid in the field of corona virus said Dr Adamu.

What is the condition of babies born in the last four months and even infants who do not receive the vaccine?

Given the extent to which diseases affect such a group of young children, the country could face setbacks if appropriate measures are not taken.

Dr. Adamu: "Every child who does not get vaccinated is at risk of contracting childhood diseases such as malaria, measles and pneumonia. Pregnant women also do not survive."

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Adamu Faisal Shu'aib Nigeria Primary Health Care Authority


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