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Our world in political chaos.

We thought we know the world that we are living in ,but we are just scratching the mere surface.

Firstly, let's face off by starting with the coronavirus .This pandemic is taking huge bites of all of us over the entire world and we think its all just a normal pandemic but I am looking at this as a controlled explosion.

We are in the year 2020 and a pandemic is raging us down , No but there is something behind all this and we are being told there is no cure with all the crazily advanced tech we have all over the world.

Let's mention some powerful countries that could have found this cure but something is holding them back




These countries are being controlled by some powerful people behind the scenes ,i am not talking about the president or high leaders but more powerful people. The world we are living now is a ticking timed bomb ready to explode on our faces .

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