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Schools In Nigeria Should Reopen on 22nd September 2020 (Opinion)

This coronavirus pandemic is a curse for sure, however it ought to additionally be turned into a blessing in some sense. The one-size-fits-all method of the Federal Government to schooling in this country is in want of a predominant overhaul. Private colleges function on radically distinct work ethos and be managed on a unique corporate governance model.

There is no justification for having a unitary training system in a federal system of government. It is counterintuitive, contradictory and counterproductive. Coronavirus shall come to bypass quickly enough, however the schooling area must no longer allow this disaster to go to waste.

Following the Advise of The NAPSS National President, Chief Yomi Otubela, who said that, "The fact that scholars are returning to university does now no longer propose that we are going to spend the complete hours as it used to be in the past. We are considering a little time of about three to four hours in school. This is to make positive that there is no room for teenagers to go on break and play round the premises.

“And we have additionally discussed with our members that there ought to be staggered resumption. Staggered resumption ability that if the JSS3 classification comes to university via 8am, SSS3 can come through skill of 9am and the Primary 6 instructions can come through 10am. This is to make sure that we don’t get the entrances and the exits crowded.”

However, if this advise is to be observed, I see no reason why schools should be left unopened. Every School, both private and government, are working tirelessly to observe government guidelines for Covid-19 Safe conduct in her environment.

Also prior to inter-state lockdown been lifted & worship centers start-ups, School reopening shouldn't be an issue in September 2020 because it will help to restore sanity in the education sector, prevent loss of an entire Academic year and help graduating students to round-up so as to matriculate.

I employ the Government to reschedule school resumption for 22nd September 2020 to help prevent causing a damaging loss in the school system in subsequent year.

Content created and supplied by: Duduyancy (via Opera News )

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