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Meet The First Person In The World To Receive The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine.

The Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China and the case was first reported to WHO on the 31st of December 2019. The deadly virus have killed about 1.54 million people in the globe, which called for a total lockdown even in powerful nation of the world, but at last there's a breakthrough.

Over the months, they've been few vaccine for the Covid-19 virus but all were rejected by WHO since it could not totally fight the virus. At last a vaccine that is 95% effective against the virus of all ages groups, Pfizer vaccine, have been tested on Margaret Keenan today.

Grandmother Margaret Keenan, 90, became the first patient in the world to receive the Pfizer coronavirus jab following its clinical approval as the NHS launched its biggest ever vaccine campaign on Tuesday.

The retired jewelry shop assistant was given the vaccine today and she said it came as an early birthday present (her 91st birthday is next week) as she could finally spend time with her family this holiday.

The first people to receive it will be the over-80s, care home staff and health workers, with the eventual aim of vaccinating millions of people against coronavirus.

More photos of Margaret Keenan.

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