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2 Businesses That You Can Start This Corona Virus Period And Earn A Living

The outbreak of corona virus in the world has halted the whole world somehow, and as a result of this, many nations economy has dropped too much leading to recession in these countries.

However, many people are now deceiving themselves by thinking that there is no business that will work out for them due to these corona virus pandemic. No need to bother yourself about customers since the national lockdown has been released.

Well, below are list of two common businesses we see people do every day that can help you with your financial problems this corona virus period:


Well, people will be thinking of how this POS business will be lucrative this corona virus period, well lets us start from the scratch. Firstly, let us take it that every customer that comes to your Shop makes withdrawal with 100 naira and in a day you get 15 customers. Now if that month has 31 days, then multiply 100 naira with 15 customers you get every day, which is 1500 naira. Now, multiply 1500 naira by 31, the answer is 46500 naira. The above was just an explanation using the least amount you could get from each customer. So you see, this will be very helpful for you. So try to be independent with this POS business during this corona virus period and please make sure you follow the corona virus guidelines and protocols given by the government of Nigeria.

2. Article writing.

Yes, you can be an article writer at the comfort of your home. Most of you are ready to write an interesting write up just to post on your social media timeline to get followers and likes. But what you don’t know is that, you can convert your creativity into money by registering with online news platforms that pay writers.

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