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Virtual learning classroom to be launched in Africa

will are all aware that, the school are been closed due to COVID-19, and many of our teens have been at home for up to 3month now.

And dad and mom to are additionally afraid of leaving their children, in order for their children not to contact the virus, referred to as the coronavirus (Covid-19).

But, the slum2school digital studying program, comes out with another development, which enables our youth to research or takes a look at category via a digital platform.

The virtual studying program is made up of digital learning and cluster learning programs, in which, it includes self-paced and collaboration studying modules.

In this case, students will be supplied with a digital tablet, internet, active numbers, and headphone set up to support learning, in which the student will be monitored and graded to consider learning outcomes.

The virtual studying software was designed to mimic lecture room interactions found in brick and mortar college settings, which is the first of its sort in the country.

The cluster studying program allows the youthful freshmen to engage in community-based mastering clusters within the households, which is been supervised by using a trained community teacher.

The trained community teacher takes learners through interactive technology-enabled sessions, through videos and educational games to make use of the globally sound instructing aids from laptops and tablets.

Each trainer will be assigned a cluster of learners within the household, in which he/ she will be responsible to monitor, mentor, continually consider and share gaining knowledge of sources regularly.

The virtual studying curriculum includes:



* verbal reasoning.

* Non- verbal reasoning, etc. 

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