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COVID-19: Is Social Distancing Fostered Among Humans By Technology A Curse Or Blessing In Disguise?

The Coronavirus pandemic that holds the world to ransom and has almost brought human activities in various fields to a halt, is a scourge that will remain etched in the annals of history for a long time. It is very pertinent to note here that different plagues have been recorded in time past, but there was no time that a virus had sent a chill down the spine of people across countries of the world in the manner the Coronavirus does. Aside from how the virus originated from China and defied all faculties of containment to spread its deadly tentacles to other parts of the world, the rate and modes of spread of the disease have also attained a level of global concern that has left governments, organisations, health institutions, international bodies, scientists and stakeholders running from pillar to post in a bid to curtail its escalation through a myriad of measures and a race among health experts to develop vaccines with which the infection could be nipped in the bud.

As a matter of fact, a very close study of the modes of transmission of the virus by experts reveals that as long as humans continue to move from place to place, the likelihood that it continues to spread like wildfire remains very high. This discovery prompts governments around the world to initiate lock-downs in phases in order to keep people at home and in the long run, stem the tide of the disease. However, it is worrisome to discover that the various measures put in place to contain the virus are not being duly adhered to by many, which has unfortunately snow-balled into an overwhelming increase in the number of infected individuals, as well as a worrisome increase in the number of deaths recorded. This unfortunate situation borders on the fact that an individual who refuses to take to the preventive measures spelt out, is capable of infecting a large community of people. Therefore, it becomes imperative that all hands must be on deck if the business of achieving a major victory in this war waged by the Coronavirus were anything to go by.

It is believed that with advancements in civilization and developments in technology, came an accompanying dwindling effect in the quality of cohesion and close-knit co-existence that used to be the order of the day in time past among humans and this became a great concern in many quarters before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. However, this seeming distancing brought about by the influence of technology, has transmodified to become a veritable tool that can be used to fight against further spread of the Coronavirus, owing to its tendency to reduce human-to-human contacts.

From the foregoing, it can be safely put forward that distancing, effected by technology in human relationships, is more of a blessing in disguise than curse. This claim is deeply rooted in the fact that social distancing has, coincidentally, become a measure for stalling the spread of the Coronavirus. To this end, all that is required from all and sundry is communal efforts to comply with the measures put in place in order to defeat the deadly virus. It should be noted, however, that humanity, more than ever, needs to dwell on our unifying factors and eschew our differences at this critical moment of our existence. This is very imperative because the Coronavirus pandemic against which our swords are drawn shows, from all indications, that our differences can never save us from perishing together.                                                 

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