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School resumption is the solution to mitigate Domestic Violence at the Moment

The harsh treat of Covid-19 pandemic can not be overemphasized on, we have daily reports of new number of Covid-19 cases.

As we are getting daily news of the increase rate of those infected that's how we are also presented with new cases of Domestic violence going on in our Nigerian Space.

More than 700 Nigerians have died due to Covid-19 pandemic according to report shared by the Nigerian centre for Disease control, NCDC and over 30,000 recorded infected persons.

But Truth be told, reports of Domestic violence we get on daily basis surpasses 50 excluding those the camera can not cover.

We still have people suffering of Domestic violence behind the reach of the camera and is mostly caused as a result of idleness.

Many people in our society today are working and breathing on an indisciplined Body, many people acts like animals when it comes to treating people.

They are Ready to hatch anyone to death if you mistakenly cross their part or make them angry unknowingly or knowingly.

And is on the increase due to idleness caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Since Covid-19 launched to Nigeria on February 28, many people lost their means of livelihood after the government imposed lockdown order and closure of many sector of the economy including schools.

The frustration state of many started even before the government opened those sectors while living only schools closed down.

A lot of people are suffering maltreatment from their superior over unnecessary things and is dishearten to see people launching humans to harsh treat due to anger caused by Hunger virus.

The imperfect being of many made them to engage in these wicked act.

And now, many sectors are still closed, a lot of people are still suffering domestic violence in our society.

Our statically analysis shows that the rate curve of Domestic Violence will mitigate if schools resume proper because most people staying home now are school teachers who depends on the pocket of people they call husband or sponsors.

Those sponsors are acting the way they are Doing because of:

1. Indiscipline

2. To much spending

You will agree with me that when you do get little or no money and have people you will share the money with in terms of providing food or shatter. You will be getting angry for no just reason and is so because you are spending more than you are getting. And indiscipline will lead many to engage in treating their minors badly for any little misunderstanding.

So this shows that many house help, Wives and husbands are going through domestic violence because they are static in one place and have no place to go for the day while feeding from someone's pocket

Once you are getting your own money, more respect and Less maltreatment will you receive from people.

School reopening is an avenue to help people especially teachers who only depends on their superior to live while getting harsh treat in exchange to feeding.

Content created and supplied by: Pakmeq (via Opera News )

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