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Stop Buying Ankara Face Masks, Here is The Easy Way To Make Yours At Home FREE (Step by step Photos)

Face masks have crawled into our lives and has now become an essential part of our dressing either we like it or not.

This is because the facemask offer some basic protections against spreading and getting infected with the volatile Coronavirus which has now become a pandemic world over.

Those in Lagos that board public transportation can no longer step out nor board any commercial transportation without it, as it is compulsory you must wear it, otherwise you are in for a long trek.

For these and many more reasons, the facemask is now as compulsory as the shoe you spot on. Buying this expensive commodity may eventually take a toll on your pockets if care is not taken. As a piece of the fabric masks range between 200-300 while the medical own costs between 3 to 500 a piece.

Now imagine if you have to be buying them everyday? With the state of our economy? That may not be a reasonable thing to do, especially when you can make one yourself and have a different facemask from Monday through Sunday.

Now I am going to teach you how to create this important commodity at no cost to you.

Items needed

A piece of fabric




Measuring tape

Pressing Iron

Place your fabric material on a flat surface, then use a round object to cut it to a circle shape. then fold to make a cone shape like this below


Next, cut the fabric to make four different pieces. Straighten each of the pieces then make two each then sew together with your needle and thread on a straight line.

After sewing the two separate joints, then use your iron to straighten the fabric.

Next sew the two pieces inside out and leave a small opening at one of the tails of your mask. This opening is the point you will use in turning it back at the right side when you are done.

The next thing you will do is now to turn the fabric back to the right side through the small opening you left at the above step. This would enable you conceal the threads and make your work look very neat. This process requires patience, so take your time, don't rush.

Once you are through turning, you will notice the fabric is a little rough by now, so pick up your pressing iron once more, and straighten out the rough edges and surfaces. Make your mask look like it was professionally done even though you are an amateur.

Don't forget to close the opening you left at the edge of the mask. then fold up a space of about a half inch and sew it with a needle and thread. This is the space you will fix you elastic.

Affix you elastic, the knot it to the size you want it to be. and voila your DIY facemask is ready. You can make as make as many as you want following the above process for yourself and family members using you old wrapper or left over materials.

However, don't forget to wash and sundry before you begin to wear them.

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