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Markets Cannot Be Compared To Schools, Students Should Go Ahead And Resume School (View)

There is no doubt that a good number of Nigerian residents may have viewed some of the decisions of the federal government as being partial or ignorant, as school resumption has not been approved by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari inasmuch as he approved the reopening of worship centres, interstate movement and financial institutions. Although, the government has always centred its reasons for delaying school resumption on the daily increase in Covid-19 cases in the country and the safety of school children, but, the question is, why were worship centres and markets (where people always gather) allowed to operate and schools still left closed?

Another complaint is that after all the delay in school resumption, no official date was announced to students when President Muhammadu Buhari earlier approved the resumption of only final year classes- pri 6, JSS 3 and SS3. What does this signify? Many Nigerians must have been perceiving this as a deliberate act of wickedness for still delaying school resumption.

As if that was not enough, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) had scheduled 2020 WASSCE to kick off on August 4 and end in September 5, yet, it was countered by Nigerian Ministry of Education, as the reason was centered on the fact that it was not yet safe for Nigerian students to resume school. The question I want to ask here is, which other safety is the government looking for, if they can allow markets to operate?

The government has tried its best by bringing up Covid-19 safety guidelines and urging citizens to take responsibility of their lives. They have played their role as the government, the rest should be left for citizens who value their lives. It is high time the government realized that Covid-19 has come to stay. Permit me to say that, if the government keep on delaying school resumption on the basis of not being safe, it's likely going to depict that, students will remain at home forever because the end of Covid-19 in Nigeria may not be predictable.

In my own view, markets cannot be compared to schools, students should go ahead and resume school. If markets can be allowed to be open, then, schools can also be allowed to resume; unless, perhaps the government have ulterior motives of still delaying the reopening of schools. But, let me sound it very clearly that, for schools to keep on being closed, the lives and destinies of this teeming young generation are being jeopardized. Let the government heed to this.

Also, there is no way one can compare the level of gatherings in markets with that of schools. I believe that markets are more populous and rowdy than schools. Undoubtedly, violation of social distancing is quite inevitable, compared to schools, in which there is high level of orderliness and management. If there should be a place where social distancing would be more adhered to, I must say that, schools would be perfect places where social distancing would be well regulated by the management.

Additionally, the level of sanitation in schools is no way comparable to that of markets. I know very well that schools are places where hygiene and discipline are always reemphasized, hence, they should be epitomes of proper sanitation. Unlike markets, where no one cares about the environment, except on few occasions. Let's think of it this way, if markets can move on even with the level of poor sanitation, then schools are due to resume.

I am writing this article for the government to see reasons why school resumption should no longer be delayed. Let the federal ministry of education make a comparative study of markets and schools, and see that the chances of spreading Covid-19 in schools are very low compared to markets, which have been allowed to operate.

I wish President Muhammadu Buhari will see the truth in my point of view and allow schools to resume immediately. Citizens, who are reading this article should complement it by giving persuasive comments on this that will trigger the government to come up with breathtaking decisions on school resumption.

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