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Command your morning; Beg God with these powerful prayer points for a successful new week

Hello and good morning.

It is another week and we can't stop being grateful to God. No matter what is happening in the world now, the financial crisis, the pandemic, the spike in crimes in our society, I want us to remember that at the end of the day, not a hair on our head shall be lost because our lovely father in heaven has promised in Psalm 91 to put his Angels in charge over us so we don't hurt our feet against a stone. Understand beloved that stone here doesn't necessarily mean the kind we see on the road, it could be financial stones, spiritual stones, relationship stones etc.

Therefore, as we step into the third week of July, join in prayers with these prayer points. Pray them like you really mean them. Our God is not a man. When we ask in spirit and in truth, he will always answer.

Let us pray:

1. Heavenly father, eternal King of Kings, i thank you for this new week. I thank you for my life, I thank you for my family, I thank you for everything you have done oh Lord. For seeing us throughout this pandemic so far, Lord I thank you(continue to thank him).

2. Blessed saviour, your word tells us that any one who says he does not sin, makes you a liar. I am a dinner Lord, unworthy of you mercy. Still, Oh God, if you count our iniquities, who will survive? Forgive me dear God, all my wrong doings, anger, lust, pride (mention your sins). Forgive me dear God and grant me the grace and enablement never to sin again.

3. Lord, as I step into this new week, I decree in your name that I shall take possession. In my work place, in the market, in the bus, at home, everywhere I go, i must take possession in Jesus name.

4. Oh God, in your most holy name, I key into Psalm 91 for protection this new week for if you Oh Lord don't watch over the city, in vain does the watchman watch. Protect me oh God, fight my battles. Rescue me from every evil plan, scheme or machinations of the evil one. May my family not fall victim to any of their plans this week and forever in Jesus name.

5. Dear God, may all my efforts to put food on my table be blessed with double crowns in Jesus name. Expand my coast Lord. Take my feet, hands, thoughts to where doors shall be opened. May nothing hamper my success this week in Jesus name.

6. Heavenly father, you are the mighty healer. Therefore Lord, I beg you this morning that you heal every infirmity in my body, spirit and soul. Shield me and my family with your healing power from the coronavirus in Jesus name.

7. Lord, give me the grace to understand that as I live my life to the fullest, one day I will have to answer the call of you my maker. Help me to live a righteous yet fulfilled life this week and forever in Jesus name.

AMEN. Thank you Jesus for I know you have answered me. I cover myself and family with the blood of Jesus.

Remain God's project guys. Happy Sunday.

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