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Why WHO recommends medical face masks for people above 60 years

As efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the world, the World Health Organization made recommendations concerning the type of face masks to be used by people aged past 60 years

In recent reports, the WHO stressed that older people (especially past the age of 60) bare more risk of being easily infected due to the possession of a weaker immune system. The health body then advised that medical face masks should be used by this category in public places where the social distancing rule cannot be applied.

Places where social distancing can't be achieved such as markets, shops and when taking public transport, the WHO also advised that the use of a three fibre layer face mask for those younger than 60 is necessary. According to the body, the layer in contact with the face should be absorbent, next to that is polypropylene layer, and finally the synthetic fluid resistant layer

Research shows that as people grow older, their immune system weakens, making them more and more vulnerable to all sort of infections. Most chronic infections and illness are associated with the old. Their delicate immune system is hardly able to fight against viruses like COVID-19.

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