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Police Arrest A Hospital Owner For Giving Out Fake Covid19 Results

People are tired and confused over this coronavirus issue. Doctors are not exempted.

A Bangladesh hospital owner accused of issuing thousands of fake negative coronavirus test results to patients at his two clinics was arrested Wednesday while trying to flee to India in a burqa, police said.

This happened yesterday in India. The country has numerous number of active cases that shows no sign of reducing. This particular hospital is a confirmed hospital for testing and treating covid19 patients but the task was too much for this doctor as he started giving out results that said people were negative even if they were positive. Most times no test was even carried out.

His hospitals carried out 10,500 coronavirus tests, out of which 4,200 were genuine and the rest, 6,300 test reports, were given without conducting tests.

This is pure craziness and thoughtlessness on the part of the doctor. The thousands of people that would be walking around thinking they are free of the virus would end up infecting others. They themselves may fall really sick and not know what was happening to them.

In Nigeria here what we hear is that hospitals are saying people are positive when they're not so that they can have money. What I think is that this Covid19 is real and those saying the government are using it to make money and that there is nothing like coronavirus in Nigeria, be cautious. Leave government's issues with the government and protect yourself. Imagine how serious the situation is that doctors would be forced to give out fake negative results. Stay safe. Follow NCDC's guidelines.

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