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This Lady Uses Makeup To Turn Herself Into Popular Movie Characters (31 Pics)

You would agree with me if I said that art has really taken over the greater part of this year 2020, a lot of artist have come to limelight and have gained fame especially across the social media platforms. I guess this is probably due to the corona virus pandemic that took the whole world by surprise and forced leaders in different nations to place their country on total or partial lockdown.

The restriction of movement and compulsory stay-at-home has really led so many people to reunite with their true self, to explore hidden talents that have been inborne in them. It gave people time to rediscover themselves, in their quest to break free from boredom due to lockdown they were able to unleash the hidden talents in them.

There are indeed so many gurus amongst us, people who can use makeup to alter their looks and appearances and trick your mind to believe that they are something they are not. These artists are just like every one of us, but have extra droplets of skills and extra teaspoons of talents, just like the artist I featured in this article "Ellie Lewis".

Ellie Lewis is an upcoming makeup artist who is one of those makeup gurus who can transform their appearance with makeup and give herself any look she desires. She started painting when she went to study film making at a University in Toronto, she volunteered to do makeup for some students during filming.

She eventually fell in love with the art, she immediately went for makeup training when she graduated from university and she is currently a certified makeup artist. During the lockdown she was stuck in her home and she decided to do some intricate makeup art which she uploaded on her Instagram page.

This her art series featured some characters in popular cartoon and movies. The intricate details featured in her makeup arts are totally overwhelming. Check out her photos below and tell us what you think.

Even if you are not art inclined, you will appreciate the amazing skill and talent behind these artworks. This is just a way of showing you how makeup can be used to create those movie characters that we often find fascinating. Makeup has become a tool of disguise that can be used to create several optical illusions that play funny tricks on our mind and our sense of perception.

See more photos below:

Here she recreated the appearance of "Joe Exotic" from the TV show "Tiger King", see the original photograph below:

She portrayed the cartoon character "Princess Fiona" in Shrek.

She is so talented that she doesn't even need to look for custume to produce something like this, she simply uses make to paint her body into any cloth design. And its so perfect that you might not even notice.

Here she recreated a fictional movie character "Joe Goldberg" from the movie series "You". See the original picture below

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