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If Covid-19 in Nigeria is not real, why has it affected our economy?

Every day, the number of victims of corona virus in Nigeria keeps increasing according to the update NCDC provides. However, a topic that has spreading like bonfire is if corona virus in Nigeria is real or just lies.

Several people say that markets are filled with a lot of people who neither practice any social distancing nor use face masks not to talk of sanitizers. Therefore because of this, some people believe that the numbers of people who NCDC report to be infected everyday may not be true. To an extent, this point sounds reasonable to me coupled with the fact that despite the number of people said to have been infected in my state, I have not heard of a single person in my local government area.

Even now that churches and mosques have partially been allowed to open and markets are open, the numbers NCDC keeps releasing are on the increase daily. If it keeps increasing, then definitely we would know someone infected in my state soon. Even if this does not make some people believe, it does not warrant not using face masks, washing hands and other things mentioned by NCDC. And as they say, prevention is better than cure.

Now, the question is if we claim corona virus pandemic in Nigeria is not real, why has our economy been badly affected? The economy of the country has been dealt a huge blow by this pandemic, stats show massive drop in the economy.

The lock down has affected the economy indeed. But why should the lock down affect the nation’s economy (not individual) since the government is not giving out money to citizens or feeding them. Does it mean the cost of ventilators and treatment for the people infected with corona virus alone has brought our economy down so much? If it is true, then we have to be careful of spreading lies.

What do you think? Does Covid-19 in Nigeria look fake to you?

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