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Don't Say Borrow Me Your Book, Instead Say This

Borrow vs Lend 

"Borrow me your book(incorrect)."

The above sentence is one of the errors many people make daily. The two words are frequently confused. Both borrow and lend are verbs, but they use different prepositions. Examples: Zagga said he won't lend his books #to his friends for the fear of losing them for good. Helen borrowed $500 #from her friend Lizzy. 

The differences

#Borrow means to receive or get something from someone such as money, books and other items for short term use with the intention of returning them afterwards.

Examples: Mohammed Bashir said he had to borrow N20,000 from his neighbour to pay his medical bills. Abigail said she hated the idea of borrowing money from people below her status, but desperation forced her to do so. 

#Lend on the other hand, means to give money and other materials to someone for short term use with the expectation of getting them back afterwards. Examples: Mr. Okoro is such a nice man that he lends money to people without hesitation. Banks are increasingly becoming reluctant to lend money to their customers because of the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. Bankers are lenders and their customers are borrowers. 

From the forgoing examples, it's therefore incorrect to say "borrow me your book." You should say instead "lend me your book." It is however perfectly correct to say "Could I borrow your book?"

Note: Borrowing is receiving with intention of returning while Lending is giving with expectation of getting it back.

I hope you know the difference now

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Abigail Helen Lend Lizzy. Mohammed Bashir


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