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With Just one Hand and One Leg, they were still Able to Achieve Greatness - Don't Give Up

These are the Indonesian amputee football team as they returned to the pitch for the first time since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted yesterday.

Having gone through these Photos, i started reminiscing about life, humans and all it entails, I came to the conclusion that no matter the situation you're into, all hope isn't lost. You too can make it in life if you're determined, consistent and believe in yourself that those dreams you have inside of you can't die off or go down the drain.

Imagine the emotional, psychological and physical trauma these people may have passed through with this disability, perhaps their parents or friends may have written them off but what did they do? They believed in themselves, their ability, potentials and skills that its sure going to make way for them in life.

I don't know what your disability is, what you may be passing through or what makes you want to give up, I want you to pick up your remaining self, think of that thing you have interest in, don't see your disability as a barrier but as strength rather. Look at the photo and  stand up, go out there and conquer the world, fulfilling your destiny to the admiration of all.

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