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List Of States That Can Be Allowed To Reopen School

The Federal Government of Nigeria ordered schools for all levels and other sectors in the country to be on total lockdown from March,2020 due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and also as a means of curbing the spread of the virus.

As time went on,the Federal Government eased the lockdown and other that other sectors in the country should resume back to their normal activities except the educational sector.

At the beginning of the week, the Minister of Education in the person of Mallam Adamu Adamu spoke about the safe reopening of schools and also gave some guidelines for the reopening of schools.

Though,there is no fixed date yet by the Federal Government for schools in Nigeria to resume.

I feel that states with low coronavirus case should be allowed to resume starting from Monday 20th June,2020 so that students can go back to their normal school activities.

Below is a picture containing a list of states that have less than 500 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Since the Federal Government is trying to protect the students from contracting the disease,then other states with low number of cases should resume school but with guidelines that should be followed up strictly.

Giving out strict guidelines to both teachers and students will definitely help in the making sure that the spread of this virus is controlled while school is still opened.

What do you think about this? Do you feel that states with low cases of coronavirus should be allowed to reopen school or should they

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