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Tithing is an inescapable contract-Bishop David Oyedepo says

Bishop Oyedepo said yesterday, via his Twitter account, that anyone who does not pay his tithe "on a financial crisis", because wealth and prosperity cannot occur without tithing.

   “Tithing is an inescapable contract. Progress is just possible without tithing, because if you do not pay tithe, it is a curse. #Tithe #Breakinglimits. "


   In a previous post, Oyedepo said that COVID-19 was the way the devil and his human agents stopped the growth of the church in the world.

In his words;

   "Coronavirus is nothing but a Church scam. Today, freedom of religion is no longer a legal right. It is now available to some people. It is not a coronavirus, at least in two states: Education and War, it is a scanm- Church.We have to be careful

   He goes on to say:

   "Can anyone stop the church? Not at all. I have never heard of anyone being healed in the marketplace, but God heals people in the church at night and at night. 114 testimonies of coronavirus treatment have already been recorded, we have 10 of them this week, and this is a weak point and not a market.

   "It simply came to our notice then. It is the devil's big idea in the world to see how quiet the church is.

   “Everyone is in the market every day of the week and there is no market tolerance but our church station, the atmosphere we know

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