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OPINION: COVID19 Victims Might Be Adviced To Stay At Home To Receive Treatment

Currently, there is no medication recommended to treat COVID19 and there is no cure available, the numbers of affected persons keeps increasing daily and isolation centers are getting crowded in states with high numbers of infected persons like Lagos State.

you have mild symptoms, your doctor may recommend that you recover at home. He or she may give you special instructions to monitor your symptoms and to avoid spreading the illness to others. You'll likely be asked to isolate yourself as much as possible from family and pets while you're sick, wear a mask when you're around people and pets, and use a separate bedroom and bathroom.

Your doctor will likely recommend that you stay in home isolation for a period of time except to get medical care. Your doctor will likely follow up with you regularly. Follow guidelines from your doctor and local health department about when you can end home isolation.

If you're very ill, you may need to be treated in the hospital.

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