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Please Don't Ignore This: Advisory Message To All Nigerian Students About OperaNews Hub

No doubt, OperaNews is one of the best way to earn from home nowadays. The platform encourages writers to write qualitative and original articles from home. These writers are paid each month based on their article originality, quality, reading time, clicks etc.

Nigerian government continues to insist on closure of schools nationwide to curtail the spread of corona virus. Therefore, Nigerian students should not stay at home idle (doing nothing), they should rather join the OperaNews platform and earn from home.

These are two questions and answers every student should know about OperaNews Hub:

1. How Can I earn from OperaNews as a student?

Earning from OperaNews is very easy and free. Just register as a Creator and wait for few hours before your account is verified. Once your account is verified, you are eligible to write interesting articles and at the same time earn from it.

Always try to write meaningful articles and original articles. This will help you earn more money. Remember to read the platform's terms and conditions to avoid violations.

The money you earn from OperaNews can help you fulfill your basic needs without always asking your parent for help.

2. How can OperaNews Hub improves me academically?

Students can improve academically by writing on OperaNews. Writing on OperaNews will definitely improves your writing skills especially essay writing.

Even if you cannot write on OperaNews, download the App and read interesting articles from it. This will definitely helps your study. Many articles on the platform are meant for students.

Lastly, if you read this, please share it far and wide so that other students can benefit from the advice. Thank you

Content created and supplied by: Penoleee1 (via Opera News )

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