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Nigerian Government Should Realise That School Reopening Should Commence Next Year (Opinion)

Ever since the pandemic of corona virus students are still isolating themselves and it is not good. Government should think on how the can find the cure for this corona virus (opinion).

Schools in Nigeria have not yet opened because of the pandemic of corona virus. If the government really cares of the students the should reopen school next year (opinion).

But the issue is that most parents and guardians are requesting that the federal government of Nigeria to lift the ban on schools next year (opinion).

In order to avoid their kids from missing some academic sessions, and most especially they want their children in graduating classes to take their final examinations (opinion).

All patent should be teaching there children instead, so that the government will think on how the will stop the outbreak of corona virus (opinion).

For me, no school ought to be revived for all graduating understudies of ;"essential 6, JSS3 SSS3" (Opinion). 

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