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Edo 2020: The N20billion and Tax collectors

Edo is the epicenter of covid-19 and gbas gbos in the South South at the moment.

As the Covid-19 cases soars, so are the political fireworks.

Edo is an example of how we collectively don't understand party ideological differences.

How can APC candidate replace PDP candidate and vice versa in a similar election where both candidates featured in the last election wearing different jersey for the match.

It's clear politicians are not different from Football players, they can go on transfer, loan or withdrawal.

Anyway all that is by the way. What concerns me now is the alleged fireworks for and against N20billion bond that the Edo government is purportedly preparing to take from the bond market.

This is serious allegation and its possible that the governor is yet to finish paying the "Tax collectors."

Now what are the real issues?

Is it possible to take such loan at this critical point in time?

What will the government known to be signing MOU up and down, use such funds for at this critical time of his administration?

We all heard that he was asked for N10billion by the "Tax collectors".

Now the same man is been rumored to be seeking N20billion.

Is that to pay aggrieved tax collectors who didn't get to cash out of the other windfall or the Emperor in PH is putting up a bigger demand on the state treasury to allow him prosecute the re-election of Obaseki?

We need to put pressure on Obaseki now before he plunges the state into needless debt crisis.

The man have lost it all, he is not sure of wining his senatorial district and the "Tax Collectors" know this, so they are ready to exploit him to the fullest.

I don't know how Obaseki will be able to access the N20billion now, but one thing is sure the Edo people are now more alert and this is a botched attempt to fleece Edo of their future revenue to run a corrupt campaign.

Ize-iyamu is the man and will always be the best man to take Edo from "Wake and see" era.

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