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COVID-19: People Who Show No Symptoms Of Infection Cannot Spread The Disease

Dr. David Samadi, Urologic Oncologist, Robotic Surgeon

As the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) ravages the world, recent research findings seem to indicate that the chances of the disease being spread or transmitted by persons who have shown no signs of.being infected are very slim.

Speaking on the progress being made by researchers and the WHO since the outbreak of Covid-19, Dr. David Samadi a world-renowned Urologic Oncologist and Robotics Surgeon, explained that the initial safety guidelines and initiatives taken, such as wearing of face mask, gloves and the social distancing thing, was due to the fact that not much was known about the disease then and every necessary precautions had to be put in place.

This is not the case right now; with the basic hygienelic standards being maintained, people can actually mix and get back to work as before.

Dr. Samadi observed that those measures required by government and the CDC for people to adhere to were not out of place in themselves, even though they may not really be necessary at this point because if you do not have symptoms of coronavirus, you can't infect someone with what you don't have.

In his words: "It's breaking news that if you are not symptomatic, you don't have any of the symptoms of fever, chill, shortness of breath or any of those symptoms, the risk of passing it to other people and being contagious is very rare."

Furthermore, he reiterated that: "Studies like these come from very accurate tracing in countries like Singapore, contact tracing...This is probably one of the the biggest news we've had since the coronavirus outbreak."

To be able to transfer the disease to a secondary person, you have to be Infectuos first. If you're not sick and showing symptoms of the disease, you're not infecuos so there's not need for the panic

You can go about your business, visit friends and just be happy.

The important thing is to maintain the highest hygienic standard at all times; wash hands regularly and don't visit people who are sick and showing symptoms of the disease if you're not a health-care provider.


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