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774000 Jobs: More Of A Political Agenda Than What It Is Prescribed To Be. Find Out Why.

Whenever the government releases their plans to embark on some specific projects, I’m always angry that many Nigerians don’t critically analyse the social implications and long-run economic benefits of such projects. We are always concerned with the immediate benefits which relatively have no inherent solution to the economic problems we are currently facing in the country.

Recently, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo announced the Federal Government plans to engage 774000 Nigerians for Special Public Works programme. As it was reported, the programme was planned to caution the effect of COVID-19 pandemic to Nigerians and the oil price shock. The programme will last for 3 months and the beneficiaries will be paid a monthly stipend of 20,000. This same programme has generated a heated argument between the lawmakers and the junior minister on issues bordering on a possible hijack of the programme by the minister. To me, this issue shouldn’t be on the table rather we should be talking about what will be the fate of the beneficiaries of the programme after the end of the 3 months the programme is expected to run.

Competent governments make plans for long term benefits and not for short term needs. Why will you give me N20,000 each month for 3 months and at the end of the third month I will be left with nothing? Have you Just succeeded in increasing my expenses or alleviated me from poverty? Remember it was termed 774000 jobs making Nigerians believe that it is a real job. For me, I see this as a mere palliative and if it were to be so, why are they making humongous budgets running into billions that will be used as its operational cost?

Recall that N52 billion was appropriated for the programme and out of this sum, N46.4 billion will be used in paying for the allowances of the beneficiaries. This shows that up to 6 billion will be consumed as an operational cost whereas it is just a mere palliative for a selected few.

Another thing to consider here is that they publicized the so-called 774000 jobs that it went to the nook and cranny of the nation but when the real jobs come, no one will hear about it.

It is true that they listed the tasks the beneficiaries of the programme will embark on but the question we need to ask is: will these activities cease to exist at the end of the third month? if it doesn’t, who will continue with the task?

I believe we know the right things to do in this country so that we can alleviate our people from this abject poverty, it is just that we lack the political will to do it.

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