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School Resumption: These 5 Schools Should Resume On Or before 3rd Of August (Opinion)


 It is no news anymore, that the federal government Would soon Consider the re-opening of schools in Nigeria. The Ministry of Education has of recent been dropping hints upon hints on school resumption alongside COVID-19 preventive Measure guidelines that must be put in place before school re-opens. The Ministry of Education Urges all Schools to make sure that everything is rightly put in place to avoid the further Spread of the COVID-19 Virus. Since Schools Might be re-opened soon, Here's a list of schools that could Resume on or before the 3rd of August,2020;

(1) THE POLYTECHNIC, IBADAN: If things were left for the OYO State government to decide, All schools in Oyo State would resume but strictly on COVID-19 preventive measures. The Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde is a very serious advocate and lover of education. He thinks the pandemic has affected more than enough already and shouldn't affect education in the country anymore. Since the Federal Government is now set to re-open schools fully, The Polytechnic, Ibadan would be one of the first set of schools to resume.

(2) KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY: This University has since been one of a kind in all of its doings. If this school was granted just one wish, it would be the school's resumption. This makes it qualify as well,as one of the first set of schools that would resume on ir before 3rd of August, If the Federal Government commands it. KWASU was this close to beginning exams, now think of the joy in the mind of the students if they can just write that which they've been preparing for even before the lock down.f

(3) LEAD CITY UNIVERSITY: Private Universities already took the lead on giving E-classes to their Students, and Lead City University, Ibadan is not left out. They already took it as far as students writing their examinations online. Once the Federal Government asks school to resume, the students are so jumping back on their school benches with immediate effect.

(4) BOWEN UNIVERSITY: Bowen University already started online classes as soon as the lockdown started, it was as if they were already prepared for it. They already started online exams as well. Bowen University would as well be one of the first set of schools to resume because that school does not joke in the aspect of Academics at all.

(5) BABCOCK UNIVERSITY: This is not the regular type of institution but a private one with a touch of class. Babcock University would most definitely have no problems when it comes to resuming on or before the 3rd of August.

These are just a meagre number of schools that should resume by the 3rd of August while all they await is just consent from the Federal Government. There are quite a number of prepared school as well that aren't mentioned but are pretty much going to resume on the 3rd of August.

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