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Someone Needs to Call Mr. Ibu to Order Before He Causes More Troubles for Nigerians (Opinion)

Someone really needs to call the Nollywood comic actor, Mr. Ibu, to order after his recent uncensored utterances concerning Covid-19 in Nigeria, because he should know that as a celebrity, his stance on a global crisis like this is capable of causing a lot of trouble for the country.

Mr. Ibu, in a chat with The Nation, said that he does not believe there is Covid-19 in Nigeria, and that he is not even interested in knowing whether the virus actually exists or not.

He said that the virus is a devilish program that should only be suffered by Nigerians in the diaspora, and that he sees no reason why Nigerians at home should be affected by it.

He said that Covid-19 was sold to the rest of the world by the global powers that be, but it's a good thing we have hot weather, and that makes the virus to be afraid of us, the same way we are afraid of it.

Speaking further, he added that he is not afraid of anything. That he wears his clothes and moves about, and has nothing to worry about, because Covid-19 is a scam in Nigeria.

When asked if he is not worried about the rising number of Covid-19 cases published by the NCDC every day, he asked rather perfunctorily if the interviewer knows of anybody that had died of the novel coronavirus before. Or if the interviewer has ever attended the funeral of anybody that was killed by Covid-19, or seen a family that lost a member to the Covid-19, or went to the hospital and was told that a particular patient has Covid-19.

He asked if the statistics we read every day are not human beings, and challenged the government to bring a photo of at least one person that died of Covid-19 so that the public can trace the family of the person and confirm it. That we are only relying on hearsay without seeing any proof that the virus actually exists in the country.

He said that people should only say what they know, and that we shouldn't use our own mouths to invite what is not looking for us. That we cannot see Covid-19 in Nigeria because it is not here.

Someone needs to call him to order immediately, and tell him to desist from making such statements on a public platform, before such statements can cause more trouble for Nigerians. He should know that as a public figure, he commands huge influence, and whatever he says is capable of misleading the public.

Cooking up false theories about the inexistence of Covid-19 in Nigeria will only end up complicating issues for us all. And it's worst when these false theories are coming from celebrities and public figures, because their statements are capable of impacting negatively on the society.

I still don't understand why people would believe that Covid-19 doesn't exist in Nigeria. So the people that have reportedly died of the virus, does it mean they faked their own deaths too?

The truth is very glaring for all to see, and the truth is that the entire world is currently wrestling with a deadly virus, with Nigeria included. And one of the ways to stay safe is to desist from propagating false and misleading information about the virus.

Currently, Nigeria has recorded confirmed cases of 19070 cases, 33616 accumulated cases, with 754 deaths. And one of the ways to reduce the spread is by being properly educated and enlightened about the virus and its pattern, and insulating ourselves against all forms of false theories that will only cause more troubles for us.

The devastating effects of the virus have been felt by everyone, and everyone is patiently waiting for the time that the world will return back to normal. But that will only happen with cooperation from all of us.

What do you think about those statements from Mr. Ibu?

Content created and supplied by: Richiehenshaw (via Opera News )

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