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Nigerians troll NCDC over Corona Virus cases updates [see funny screenshots]

The world seems to be on hold due to the trending but deadly disease called corona virus popularly called Covid-19, this came as a shock to the world especially when the likes of America, Italy, China etc are no exception and are at the fore front of the battle against the disease.

 The controversial pandemic has claimed lives beyond imagination and it is disheartening. The virus is no respecter of person weather old, young, male, female, rich, poor, white or black.

 The disease which was confirmed to have originated from Wuhan in China has affected every nation's economy, schools, businesses and domestic welfare. It even came to a point where citizens were not allowed movement out of their states not to talk of out of the country.

Here is the current cases update in Nigeria

Although it is a though situation, Nigerians still have smiles on their faces as they react to NCDC's cases updates on how the virus has affected Nigeria. 

Nigeria over the years has never been left out when it comes to trends and the Corona Virus pandemic is not an exception especially with the nondecreasing figures updated by the tireless organization, Nigeria center for Disease control (NCDC). These never ending figures has stirred doubt in the hearts and minds of Nigerians as they wonder if the figures are true at all.

Naija no the carry last ooo...

Some likened the situation in Nigeria to English premier league (EPL) calling Lagos state the Liverpool of the corona league and some even said the top four states with the highest cases will join USA, Italy, China etc for the corona champions league.

Do you think the figures are true or not? Have your say in the comment box, like share and kindly follow please.

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