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Five ways we can make our life beautiful during and after coronavirus pandemic

Five ways we can make our life beautiful during and after coronovirus pandemic

Life is beautiful.The beauty of life will always stand,nothing will erase it off.

.There is more to life than what the physical eye can see.

The beauty of life can be found everywhere in creation.It was not creation that made life beautiful but it was life that made creation beautiful.Nature is beautiful.

Life is one and only .Without life ,there is no existence. Without life ,there is no motion.Without life ,there is no beauty .Without life ,there is past,present and future .Without life time ceased to exist..

Life is power.

Life is light.

Life is justice 

Life is love.

The creator is life and him alone is the ultimate life.

The beauty of the flowers show that the creator is extraordinarily beautiful.

The present of the sun show the brightest of his beauty .

The ever expanding universe show the unending power of the eternal life .

Man who is a mystery to himself a spark of this amazing life.

The birds in their different colours show forth the attractive colour of life .

He makes all things beautiful in his time because he is life .

Man cannot have life without him

.Abundant life is only found in him through his son and the Holy Spirit .

Every beauty we found around us ,within us and above us are atoms of his beauty.

Man cannot approach his unapproachable light because man is not of the same origin with him.

Life exists before creation came into existence. Life doesn't need creation to survive but creation need him to survive.

Life is beautiful and this beauty radiates.

Life is beautiful and this beauty is made available to all.

Life is beautiful and this beauty heals.

Life is beautiful and this beauty gives light 

Life is beautiful and this beauty makes all thing new.

Life is beautiful and this beauty gives us life.

Life is beautiful and this beauty is ever ancient and ever new.

How can we make our little life beautiful?

During this coronavirus pandemic, is life still beautiful? Is there still hope for man? The answer is yes,there is still hope for man,life is still beautiful.

Coronavirus is not the end of the world.Coronavirus is not from God but from man.It is the negative effect of the wrong use of the earth by man.It is the reaping season of what man has planted in creation for thousand of years.

To overcome this virus lies within man.The below preventive measures should not be carry out physically only .Spiritually speaking we can also apply them to our life in the war against coronavirus:

Personal hygiene: man needs to always wash his hands from sin and plant goodness and love into creation.

Isolation: man needs to isolate himself from evil and ask for forgiveness of his abuse of creation.

Face mask: man needs to always put on face mask of honesty, sincerity and love.

If man can carry out these preventive measures ,coronavirus wouldn't withstand him and it will pass away like other viruses in history.

To make our little life more beautiful we should add to the above ,these following as well:

1. we should acknowledge that life belong to the creator only and it is sacred.

2. We should keep the thoughts of our heart pure .

3. We should never wish anybody evil or harm anybody on our journey in our little life.

3. We should always sow good thoughts, good words and good actions ,for these make our our little life beautiful. Give smile to others

4. We should always be grateful to the giver of life ,the ultimate life himself ,our creator.

5.We should live according to God's will.

Nothing makes life beautiful more than God himself.when we follow his directives and the steps that are spelled out here ,we will have a beautiful and happy life.

God alone is life. 

God alone is light. 

God alone is power.

God alone is beautiful.

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Remember life is beautiful and oh matter what you see and what you passed through look up to God and see beauty in all things.

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