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Opinion: South West Governors Should Look at The Following Factors in Reopening of The Schools.

Though, the role education in the society in to over looked. Education is very important in the development of a society.

Its closure might have effects on the students, yet health is wealth. It is only a healthy person that will go to school to learn something.

More so, environment is one of the factor to consider in opening of the schools. Any environment, where there is no peace, learning will never be effective there as it is now in country.

In the preparation for the reopening of the schools in the South West part of Nigeria, for the final year students. The government should not bend to pressure from the parents, because the issue on ground has to do with live and no one can predict what may likely happen to anybody.

This article is not written to against the decision of the Governors over the reopening of the schools but to their attentions to some factors which need to be considered before the schools are opened.

It was said that the schools in the South West will reopen on 3rd of August, 2020, by now, some things should have been put in places to prevent the students from being contracted with covid19, in preparation for the reopening of the schools.

The Governors should look into the way their citizens are living, as in how many parents could afford to provide sanitiser for their children or will the Governors provide sanitizers for the students?

Another one, is that, the Governors should not forget that the highest number of covid19 patients are discovered in the South West, the patients in Lagos state take one third of the total number of covid19 patients in Nigeria. So how will the students be protected? Since the discovery of the virus patients has not stopped.

Finally, Nigeria schools are populous in nature, and these students are friends. How will the Governors supervise these students to maintain the rule of covid19, such as social distancing and others.

If the concerned Governors can take care of the factors, schools should be reopened.

Please drop your comments, to know your own view.

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