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Nigerian Schools Should not Reopen Before December, 2020. All Examinations Can Wait (Opinion)

Speaking on school resumption since Corona virus lockdown started, one must really be happy and glad to hear an official declaration of resumption as so many students have stayed too long away from school. Parents as well need their children to resume school as quick as possible because they are sometimes disturbing their work. In my own opinion, schools should not resume before the month of December. If am asked why I chose this ground, these are my reasons.

First and foremost, there is still much time for every academic work to be done. Let us not be in a haste to resume school activities and fall deep in the spread of this pandemic. Handling, managing and curtailing this pandemic has not been easy on any government including ours here in Nigeria. Let us not hurriedly resume school as if we are in a haste or as if we are going backwards. So many other countries have not fully resumed every of their activities including schooling.

Secondly, not all parents will be willing to release their children to return back to school if they are not yet certain that this disease now has a fast and easy cure or has fully gone away from our country. Some parents might hold back their wards from attending school instead of leaving them to mix up with a good number of other pupils and students with a risk of contracting the Corona virus in the air now. 

Furthermore, online classes can be started for those who can afford it. Those who cannot afford it can as well, cab download the notes from the School's website. When this is done, we can be assured of not being backwards but have the full assurance that all our students and pupils are moving on the same page with their counterparts in the other countries.

Finally, let us not be in a haste to engage back into all our normal activities as most activities have started reopening, that means there is still hope for schools to reopen in due time. If we wait in patience, we shall overcome. I strongly believe that we were able to handle this disease the much we can as many people have been keeping to the safety measures which included avoiding social gatherings and lockdown. Since we are almost at the point of overcoming, why spoil all our months of stay with impatience. 

This is my own opinion on school resumption. You can share your own opinion in the comment box below .

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