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Elites Hospital, Record & Everything You Need To Know About The "First Cardiology Consultant" Lagos.

The First Cardiology Consultant Hospital was founded in 2010 by the seasoned international cardiologist, Dr. Adeyemi Sanyade Johnson. The hospital has pioneered many surgical procedures in Nigeria, and has been the first choice for the Nigerian elites and top politicians. 

The hospital became prominent in Nigeria after one of its staffs and National Hero, Dr. Stella Adadevoh correctly diagnosed the Nigeria's Ebola virus index case, Patrick Sawyer in July 2014. 

After Dr. Adeyemi graduated from the College of Medicine University of Lagos in 1980, he proceeded to the USA and started his postgraduate training at the Yale University New Haven. He underwent his residency training program as well as his cardiovascular disease fellowship training program at the Columbia University New York. 

Dr. Adeyemi Johnson.

Dr. Adeyemi was appointed Associate Clinical Professor Wake Forest University Medical Center Winston North Carolina in 2006. He then relocated to Nigeria in 2008 and founded First Cardiology Consultant (FCC) Ltd, he is the MD and CEO of the hospital. 

The First Cardiology Consultant's Covid-19 ICU facility was approved in April 2020 to administer intensive care treatments to the critically ill Covid-19 patients. The facility was newly constructed and equipped exclusively for the critically ill Covid-19 patients. Any patient who is admitted into the ICU will enter directly through a separate entrance without any contact with the rest of the hospital. 

The ICU operates with one nurse per patient, one mid-level doctor for a maximum of three patients and three senior consultants for a five bed ICU, the rarest you can get in Nigeria. 

The hospital has multiple specialists for all kinds of surgical procedures like pulmonary, cardiology, nephrology, radiology etc. 

With Dr. Adeyemi as the MD and CEO, the hospital pioneered contemporary invasive cardiology as well as coronary angioplasty with stent implantation in Nigeria.

In an interview with dokilink, Dr. Adeyemi explain, "When I came back (to Nigeria), invasive and interventional cardiology did not exist. There were no cardiac cardiology labs in the country. Nobody could do angioplasty. Open heart surgery was being done intermittently by teams coming from abroad to do missionary or free work, there was no consistent program. But nowadays, things have changed not just in cardiology but in other aspects of medicine." 

Within ten years of medical operations, the hospital has recorded more than a hundred successful surgical operations in different areas of surgery. However, many top Nigerian politicians with Covid-19 related health complications have not been lucky in the hospital's Covid-19 ICU facility.

Content created and supplied by: M.Abiola (via Opera News )

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