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Opinion) Private School Teachers Demanding Salary From FG Is Like Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

Life has principles that regulate the existence of man.The biblical verse that says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat” should be compared to demanding money where you never made an iota of input.

It's obvious that the covid 19 pandemic paralysed so many enterprise,institutions,business,investment and economy of many nations.Although man deviced means of mitigating the severity of the virus from causing more harm. Despite that:Many working class individuals lost their job amid the coronavirus pandemic,and it seems many more are on the verge of being rendered redundant from their workplace.

Even the Federal Government has severally recounted their losses from the dwindling sales of crude and stock exchanges.It has been an unpalatable global experience owing to the fact that means of human survival were abruptly shut down.

Regarding private school teachers who are unilaterally demanding that the federal Government pay Arrears of backlog salaries they never worked for,could be likened to “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.Some pertinent questions deserve salient answers here.

1) Are they Government employees?

2)What workinput have they made to any Government agency or parastatal before demanding pay?

3)It is proper to work for Mr A and demand money from Mr B?

On a lighter note:Let's recall that 2 Thessalonians 3:10 said “the one who is unwilling to work shall not eat”.Meaning you must work before eaten.

The hypothesis of working before you eat has an obvious linkage to financial Intelligence and glaring to say that entrepreneurs (persons) with financial Intelligence usually lives beyond penury.Meaning they never depend on one source of income.They tend to think smart and create money making opportunities where no one does.

In view of this;am not buttressing the fact that FG should not wade into their matter and cushion the effect of untold hardship coronavirus pandemic brought to them (private school teachers) since they among the worse hit,but am only reminding them that even the proverbial Ants do not rely on one source of income for sustainability.

What have (private school teachers) they been doing with their remaining time? The gospel truth of having only one source of income is “evil and sinful”.An idle mind is equally a devils workshop.

Notably:Private school teachers should borrow a leaf from the proverbial Ants that having no leader,yet were able to provide their own food,proverb 6:6-8.They should strive to outlive what they earn from teaching in private schools by venturing into other money making machine within their space.

No amount of capital is too small to set up a business enterprise.Nowadays you don't even new money to rent a physical store.So many virtual online businesses are on the rise and striving.There are even lot of business that one can start with just five thousand naira and prosper financially.Most wealthy men today start small and have grown so big.

However,covid 19 pandemic has really taught some people lessons they would like to improve upon;here are a handful of them.

1) It is dangerous to rely on one source of income

2) Everyone deserve to be an entrepreneur

3) No amount of money is to small to start up a business enterprise

4)Do not depend on your monthly income;because when It fails to come,you could go cap in hand begging.God is the one you can trust and depend on.

On the contrary;I know many private school teachers will hurl insults at me regarding this post,but the wise ones will understand and appreciate my opinion.Let's get something straight away:you can't earn where you never rendered services.

I mean you must render a service within a small or medium before earning.It must not necessarily be an investment venture.Have it at the back of your mind not all businesses absolutely require capital for a start.Just go and Do the needful and come back and thank me.

If you have additional suggestions or opinions regarding this post,do not hesitate to share it with me here.

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